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Table 1 Consumer emphasis on different factors when purchasing pork products

From: Change in Norwegian consumer attitudes towards piglet castration: increased emphasis on animal welfare

How much do the following factors influence you when buying pork products?
Purchasing factorAll respondents18–29 years30–39 years40–59 years60+ years
Good taste9189889294
Easy to prepare6467626463
Appealing appearance6150556369
Free of additives5435455275
Produced in Norway5441495268
Low fat4946404756
Low cost4864504537
Animal welfare4334414250
  1. Consumers could choose one of five levels of emphasis (“very important”, “important”, “somewhat important”, “hardly or not at all important”, and “do not purchase/do not know”) to evaluate each purchasing factor. Only the percent of consumers ranking each factor as either “very important” or “important” is presented in the table