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Table 6 Crosstab regarding intercorrelations between Lawsonia intracellularis status, DM content in faeces, volatile fatty acid concentrations in caecal content and ADWG in finishing boars with natural L. intracellularis infection

From: Experimental studies on effects of diet on Lawsonia intracellularis infections in fattening boars in a natural infection model

  1. FP fine pelleted diet, CM coarse meal diet, CORN meal diet with 22% cracked corn, WHEY meal diet with 16.9% dried whey, RPS meal diet with 30% raw potato starch; TP1 time point 1 (start), TP2 (week 1), TP3 (week 2), TP4 (week 3), TP5 (week 4), TP 6 (slaughter); L.i. L. intracellularis, PI percent inhibition, cut-off values for the blocking ELISA test with a cut-off value of PI 30, r Correlation coefficient
  2. P P value, statistical significance is based on P values smaller than 0.05 (italics)
  3. Pearson correlation coefficients—grey boxes; Spearman’s rank correlation coefficients—unshaded boxes); correlations: 0.00–0.19 “very weak”; 0.20–0.39 “weak”; 0.40–0.59 “moderate”; 0.60–0.79 “strong”; 0.80–1.0 “very strong”