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Table 1 Agglutination reaction after contact of each IgY extract with a suspension of different C. jejuni strain

From: Production and characterization of anti-Campylobacter jejuni IgY derived from egg yolks

C. jejuni strain GR1-CTL IgY extract GR2-INO IgY extract GR3-OMP IgY extract GR4-BACT IgY extract
A2008A None Positive Positive Positive
B2008a None Positive Positive Positive
G2008B None Positive Positive Positive
RM1221 None Positive Positive Positive
81116 None Positive None None
81-176 None None None None
ATCC 700819 None None None None
ATCC 33291 None None None None
  1. None = no observed reaction; Positive = observed reaction
  2. Homologous C. jejuni strains: A2008A, B2008A, G2008B, RM 1221
  3. Heterologous C. jejuni strains: 81116, 81-176, ATCC 700819, ATCC 33291
  4. GR2-INO (orally inoculated), GR3-OMP (immunized with OMP), GR4-BACT (immunized with formalin-killed whole bacteria), GR1-CTL (control group)