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Table 1 The most relevant questions concerning ears in the American Cocker Spaniel owner questionnaire

From: Survey of otitis externa in American Cocker Spaniels in Finland

Question Responses Response rate without I don´t know responses (%)
1. Has your dog suffered from ear or skin problems? No Only ear problems Only skin problems Both ear and skin problems      100
2. At what age did your dog experience the first signs of otitis? Less than 3 months 3 months to less than 6 months 6 months to less than 12 months 1 year to less than 3 years More than 3 years I don’t know    85
3. What were the most common signs of ear disease? Scratching of the ears Redness of the ears (erythema) Foul smelling ears Increased ear secretion Head shaking Head tilting Ear soreness Rash on pinnae 100
4. How many times has your dog been treated for otitis? Never Once Twice 3 times 4–5 times At least 6 times    100
5. List the medications which you have used to treat your dog´s otitis          91
6. For how long did the signs of otitis subside following treatment? Less than 1 week 1 week to less than 2 weeks 2 weeks to less than 4 weeks 1–3 months Signs continued despite treatment I don’t know    63–75
7. Did you bring your dog for a veterinary re-check after treatment? Yes, every time Yes, sometimes after treatment No       99
8. Has surgery been performed to treat your dog’s ears? No Yes, Zeppa Yes, TECABOa       87
  1. a Zepp ear surgery where only part of the ear canal is removed, TECABO ear surgery where the entire ear canal is removed and the bony bulla is opened