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Table 2 Homology of the amino acid sequences between the canine and human or bovine cytokines targeted by the evaluated anti-human or anti-bovine mAbs

From: Cross-reactivity of commercially available anti-human monoclonal antibodies with canine cytokines: establishment of a reliable panel to detect the functional profile of peripheral blood lymphocytes by intracytoplasmic staining

Species Cytokines Homology to canines (%)
Human IL-1-α 70
IL-1-β 78
IL-2 74
IL-4 49
IL-5 65
IL-6 59
IL-8 77
IL-10 78
IL-12 84
IL-13 72
IL-17A 81
IFN-γ 85
TNF-α 91
TGF-β 96
Bovine IL-4 65
IFN-γ 76