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Table 1 Monoclonal antibodies tested

From: Cross-reactivity of commercially available anti-human monoclonal antibodies with canine cytokines: establishment of a reliable panel to detect the functional profile of peripheral blood lymphocytes by intracytoplasmic staining

Antibody Target Host Isotype Clone Manufacturer Catalog Reactivity
Anti-IL-1α Human Mouse IgG1 3643B314 BD 554561 +
Anti-IL-1β Human Mouse IgG1 AS10 BD 340516
Anti-IL-2 Human Mouse IgG1 5344.111 BD 340450
Anti-IL-4 Human Mouse IgG1 8F-12 IQProducts IQP162R +
Anti-IL-5 Human Rat IgG2 JES139D10 BD 559332 +
Anti-IL-6 Human Rat IgG1 MQ2-13A5 BD 554545 +
Anti-IL-8 (#1) Human Mouse IgG2 G265-8 BD 554720 +
Anti-IL-8 (#2) Human Mouse IgG1 E8N1 Biolegend 511408 +
Anti-IL-10 Human Rat IgG1 JES3-16E3 BD 554467
Anti-IL-12 Human Mouse IgG1 C11.5 BD 554575 +
Anti-IL-13 Human Rat IgG1 JES10-5A2 BD 559328
Anti-IL-17A Human Mouse IgG1 eBio64DEC17b eBioscience 12-7179-73 +
Anti-IFN-γ(#1) Human Mouse IgG1 B27 BD 559327
Anti-IFN-γ(#2) Human Mouse IgG1 45-15 IQProducts IQP160r
Anti-TNF-α(#1) Human Mouse IgG1 B-C7 IQProducts IQP163R +
Anti-TNF-α(#2) Human Mouse IgG1 mab11 BD 559321 +
Anti-TGF-β Human Mouse IgG1 TB21 IQProducts IQP169R +
Isotype control Mouse IgG1 BD 555748
Isotype control Mouse IgG2 BD 556437
Isotype control Rat IgG1 BD 554685
Isotype control Rat IgG2 BD 557229
Anti-IL-4 Bovine Mouse IgG2a CC303 Serotec mca1820pe +
Anti-IFN-γ Bovine Mouse IgG1 CC302 Serotec mca1783pe +