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Table 1 Summary of selected material, methods and results not mentioned in the text for two cats with FHN

From: Feline hippocampal and piriform lobe necrosis as a consequence of severe cluster seizures in two cats in Finland

  Case 1 Case 2
Ancillary diagnostics Haematology and serum biochemistry profile normal, CSF normal Haematology and serum biochemistry profile normal, EEGd-no epileptic activity
EEGd (2nd exam): duration 39 min 55 s; continuous short paroxysms and spikes at the C3 electrode
Emergency treatment 2nd exam: medetomidineª 75 µg/kg 1st exam: phenobarbitalb 10 + 4 + 4 mg/kg IV, diazepamc 0.5 mg/kg IV, medetomidinea 40 µg/kg intramuscular
IM, phenobarbitalb 10 mg/kg IV 2nd exam: medetomidinea 30 µg/kg IM, diazepamc 0.5 mg/kg IV and phenobarbitalb 6 mg/kg IV
At home treatment Diazepam 0.6 mg/kg twice daily (BID) orally (PO) was started the day prior to referral Phenobarbitalb 3 mg/kg BID PO prior to referral
Phenobarbitalb 1.9 mg/kg BID PO, increased to 3.8 mg/kg BID after 2 months
  1. EEG electroencephalography, IV intravenously, IM intramuscularly, PO per os, SID once daily, BID twice daily.
  2. aDomitor vet, Orion Pharma Animal Health, Finland.
  3. bFenemalRecip, Recip, Sweden; Barbivet®, Vetcare oy, Finland.
  4. cStesolid® Novum, Actavis, Iceland.
  5. dEEG performed using portable EBNeuro EEG equipment (Galileo Be Light Peripheral Configuration, EBNeuro, Firenze, Italy) and a method of standardized placement of EEG electrodes resembling the 10–20 international system for humans. A 14-channel reference montage (F7, F3, F4, F8, T3, C3, Cz, C4, T4, P3, Pz, P4, O1, O2; sensitivity, 10 µV/mm; time constant, 0.3 s; Hf, 70 Hz; notch filter inserted; reference: between the eyes on the ridge of the nose; ground: caudally to the external occipital protuberance) was used to record the EEG. Sixteen EEG needles (EEG needles, 30 gauge 15 mm monopolar stainless steel needle electrodes, BIONEN S.a.s., Firenze, Italy) were inserted as subdermal active, reference, and ground electrodes. Impedances did not exceed 5 Ω.