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Table 3 Distribution of M. bovis antigens in lungs of 8 experimentally inoculated calves

From: Chronic pneumonia in calves after experimental infection with Mycoplasma bovis strain 1067: Characterization of lung pathology, persistence of variable surface protein antigens and local immune response

Location1 mAb pool2 mAb 1A13 mAb 1E54 mAb I25
Macrophagesa 8/8a;8/8b 8/8a;8/8b 0/8a;6/8b NRa;5/8b
Exudate in lumina
of large airways
8/8a;8/8b 6/8a;6/8b 0/8a;4/8b NRa;4/8b
Epithelial surface of
large airways
6/8a;6/8b 4/8a;4/8b 0/8a;2/8b NRa;0/8b
Alveolar surface 3/8a;3/8b 1/8a;1/8b 0/8a;2/8b NRa;0/8b
Caseous necrosis 2/2a;-c 2/2a;-c 0/8a;-c NRa;-c
  1. 1aAlveolar macrophages, macrophages in alveolar septa and macrophages within lumina of bronchi and bronchioli.
  2. 2a,3a,4a Number of positive calves/number of calves examined (paraffin sections).
  3. 2b,3b,4b,5b Number of positive calves/number of calves examined (frozen sections).
  4. 2c,3c,4c,5c Necrotic lesions were not present in lung samples, from which the frozen sections were prepared.
  5. 5a No reactivity.