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Table 2 Results of logistic regression analysis of cubicle refusal by heifers on day 2 after inclusion into the dairy herd. Model: CUBREF = a + b1 SLATS+ b2 TYPE2, bn being the regression coefficient of variable number n N = 254 (131 heifer records had missing observations for one or more of the analysed variables)

From: Failure to Use Cubicles and Concentrate Dispenser by Heifers after Transfer from Rearing Accommodation to Milking Herd

Regression term Explanation Regression coefficient Odds ratio c.i.95%OR p
a Regression constant (intercept) - 1.2 - - 0.12
SLATS Rearing accommodation of the heifer (1 = fully slatted floor pen, 0 = other accommodation) 1.8 6.1 1.5–24.3 0.01
TYPE2 Cubicles arranged as one double row of cubicles facing each other. Passageways at both ends. - 1.9 0.2 0.0–0.7 0.01